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      Keep quiet, he said, with an oath, or it will be worse for you.


      A gypsy-table was already laid in the hall.

      Esmeralda knit her brows.The men cheered and offered to grab them up, but Bill kicked out warningly.

      "Thy gentle voice my spirit can cheer.She smiled faintly.

      The day seemed very long and dreary to Esmeralda after he had gone, and she could have found in her heart to welcome his return by throwing her arms round him; but she restrained herself, and said only, with a smile.She spoke with a kind of calm, pitying contempt.


      "Not this one. Ah, sweet, a thousand thousand pardon!"--the speaker bent to her hearer's ear--"I saw you when you kiss' it--and before."


      "Grandma did; and I was so ambitious to do some great patriotic service--like yours, you Callenders, in giving those cannon--and--"