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      started this epistle. I thot id answer my letters because"Johnny, it's all over, we've lost, it's finished. Johnny, come with me."

      He slipped down and communicated his information to the anxiously-expectant comrades of Co. Q.

      CHAPTER IX. SHORTY IN TROUBLEThe boys, to whom a rebel was a savage wolf, to be killed any way that he could be caught, looked wonderingly at Si, who responded by a nod of approval.

      The waspish little mutiny was so amusing that Si had to smile in spite of himself. With a quick, unexpected movement he snatched the bat from Jim Humphreys' hand, and said good-humoredly:


      "Where's your shoulder-straps?"As they neared their camp they were delighted to find it in a similar uproar to the others, with the men cheering, the brigade band playing, and the men throwing everything they could find on the brightly blazing bonfires. Ordinarily, such a long march as they had made to the top of the Lookout Mountain and back again would have been very tiresome, but in the enthusiasm of the occasion they forgot their fatiguealmost forgot their hunger.


      "Is there something wrong?"


      The Sheriff's words had banished the ready laughter from the girls' lips, and taken away their appetites, but seemed to have sharpened those of Si and Shorty.