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      Lady Wyndover conferred with Madame Cerise for some time, in whispers, during which madame glanced at Esmeralda, and nodded intelligently.

      "You did, did you? Well, I'm going to do mine, which is to knock you down for it."

      Esmeraldas heart beat tumultuously. His voice, his mannernow so full of life and spiritaffected her strangely. She could not look at him, but gazed straight before her; and as she lookedthrough a mist, as it wereshe saw a tall, graceful girl, with flaxen hair and blue eyes, coming toward them, on the arm of Lord Blankyre. It was the lady whom she had saved in the park.

      He stood and gazed at her with a presentiment of coming ill; and he noticed, for the first time, that her lips were compressed and her brows drawn straight, as they always were when she was serious or troubled about anything.


      "Will you go, Mrs. Disneymay we make up the party?"


      "There never was a race yet that was altogether bad," said the priest. "Virtues may descend from remote ancestors as well as vices,I think you told me moreover that Captain Hulbert's mother was a good woman."


      She was going to the ball after all, fevered, anxious, full of dim forebodings; and yet with an eager expectancy; and yet with a strange over-mastering joy. How should she meet him? How could she avoid him, without ostentatious avoidance, knowing how many eyes would be quick to mark any deviation from conventional behaviour? Somehow or other she was resolved to avoid all association with him; to get her programme filled before he could ask her to dance; or to refuse in any case if he asked her. He would scarcely venture to approach her after what had been said in the lane, when her indignation had been plainly expressed with angry tears. No, he would hardly dare. And soin a vague bewilderment at finding she was at her journey's endshe saw the lights of the little town close upon her, and in the next few minutes her carriage was moving slowly in the rank of carriages setting down their freight at the door of the inn.