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      When the funeral was over and the somber guests had departed, Trafford shut himself up in the library and remained there alone till far into the night. There was a mass of papers on the table before himfor with his dukedom his new responsibilities had commenced and were clamoring for attentionbut he looked at none of them. He could not[255] even think of his dead father. Esmeralda, Esmeraldait was all Esmeralda!I dont dance very often, he said. And I am glad to stand here, if you will allow me. Like you, I enjoy being a spectator.

      Only one sentence, Esmeralda, he said. And see, dearest, I say it kneeling at your feet. It is: Forgive me!

      Do they? she said, quietly.

      Hes the Marquis of Trafford, he explained, because he is the eldest son of the Duke of Belfayre.

      Lord Norman loved her! It seemed so strange! Why, he had only seen her a few days ago! What should she say to him? She had said No last night, and had forbidden him to follow her. Would he think it very unkind of her? Would he go away? She asked herself if she should be sorry if he did goif she should never see him againand she was too innocent to know that if she had loved Lord Norman as he loved her she would not have had to ask herself the question.


      Lady Lilias at last succeeded in rising, and his grace, as he rose, watched Esmeralda with an interested and even an affectionate smile, as she left the room. Then he sunk into his chair and nodded smilingly at Trafford.Where is Esmeralda? he asked, peering round the vast room.



      Trafford felt the charm of this, and found himself enjoying his walk as he had not enjoyed one for as far back as he could remember.