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      "Good Heavens!" exclaimed the Judge. "Do you mean to say you have had to associate with such people?""Them mules," dolefully corroborated Si, scraping an acre, more or less, of red Tennessee soil from his overcoat with a stick, "need to be broke again with a saw-log. Luck for old Job that the devil didn't think o' settin' him to drive mules. He'd 'a-bin a-goner in less'n an hour."

      "How'd ye leave Mary Ann?""I'm so glad!" she exclaimed.

      "'Taint no bees," replied Shorty; "it's a mighty sight worse'n that. Them's bullets, Si Don't ye see the dumed galoots over yonder a-shootin' at us?"Wading around thru the whirling water. Si had discovered, to his discomfiture, that there was a narrow, crooked reef that had to be kept to. There were deep overturning holes on either side. Into one of these Si had gone, to come again floundering and spurting muddy water from his mouth.


      Pen's heart sank. She was making no progress whatever. He would agree with everything she said, and act according to his own secret motives. She was determined to drag these out into the light."If it can be proved to the satisfaction of a jury," said the Assistant-District-Attorney sourly.



      "Where in the world did you git them, boys?" asked the Deacon in wonderment.213