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      Brewster answered that she would, of course. He was rather annoyingly proprietary and sure of her.

      Golly-gracious! exclaimed Larry, thats like a mystery novel!

      Its safe to go and see. If Mr. Whiteside is on the estate it will look as though we came out extra early. Besides, Im hungrier than Little Red Riding Hoods wolf. Come on! Larry led the way from the golf course as he spoke.Dick, too, showed an interested face.

      And that ended it!The sentry was of the opinion that it was an unseemly hour to arouse a man who had marched all day, but it was not for him to argue. He walked deliberately, very deliberately indeed, that the citizens might be impressed, over to Landor's tent and awoke him. "There's two citizens here, sir, asking to see you,[Pg 111] sir." His tone plainly disclaimed any part in the affair.

      "I wonder, my dear, what sort of air you breathed in your mother's restaurant at meal times?"

      Jewel robbers, Larry was serious. I dont think that holds water, Sandy. First of all, Jeff claims to know that the emerald imitations had acid poured on themacid to destroy them. That must be some chemical that corrodes or eats emeralds. Now, robbers wouldnt


      Mrs. Landor was with them. She had a little battered, brass trumpet hanging from her horn, and he knew that they were going to play at hare and hounds. She and the three with her were evidently the hares. They would take a ten minutes' start; then, at the sound of the trumpet, the hounds would follow. The riding was sometimes reckless. A day or two before he had seen Felipa leap an arroyo, the edges of which were crumbling in, and take a fallen tree on very dangerous ground.


      They watched, breathlessly.


      The truth is that critics seem to have been misled by a superficial analogy between the spiritualistic revival accomplished by Plotinus, and the Romantic revival which marked the beginning of the present century. The two movements have, no doubt, several traits in common; but there is this great difference between them, that the latter was, what the former was not, a reaction against individualism, agnosticism, and religious unbelief. The right analogy will be found not by looking forward but by looking back. It will then be seen that the Neo-Platonists were what their traditional name implies, disciples of Plato, and not only of Plato but of194 Aristotle as well. They stood in the same relation to the systems which they opposed as that in which the two great founders of spiritualism had stood to the naturalistic and humanist schools of their timeof course with whatever modifications of a common standpoint were necessitated by the substitution of a declining for a progressive civilisation. Like Plato also, they were profoundly influenced by the Pythagorean philosophy, with its curious combination of mystical asceticism and mathematics. And, to complete the analogy, they too found themselves in presence of a powerful religious reaction, against the excesses of which, like him, they at first protested, although with less than his authority, and only, like him, to be at last carried away by its resistless torrent. It is to the study of this religious movement that we must now address ourselves, before entering on an examination of the latest form assumed by Greek philosophy among the Greeks themselves.Larry knew his business: Dick wore the instructors part of the outfit only because it was the only helmet they could get at the start.