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      Finally, she had learned the identity of Edmund Roath and Felix Remy by means of a sketch accidentally discovered in Astra's portfolio; she wondered that she had not suspected it before, seeing how plainly he had left his evil mark on Astra's mind. She was glad to think that she had been instrumental in obliterating it; he himself having helped to fit her for the work. Meanwhile, he had married Astra's friend. What was her duty in this case; to speak, or to be silent? Silence was the pleasanter thing, speech might be the only right thing. Sharp was the conflict, puzzling the controversy. It was not decided until she happened to meet Hubert Arling, and learned in what search he was engaged, and what state of things existed in Berganton. Then, moved by gratitude to Bergan, she had sought Carice."Is there a change?"

      Traffords face grew grave. Very well, he said.

      "Very true," replied Doctor Remy; "and I distrust you. Open that door at once, and let me see what or whom it is, that you are so anxious to conceal."Doctor Remy said nothing; but he shrugged his shoulders in a manner sufficiently expressive of disapprobation.




      Later he was there, and she was waltzing with him. At the last moment when he was standing before her, cool, self-possessed, as it were unconscious of that burning past, she had no more power to refuse to be his partner than the bird has to escape from the snake. She had given him her hand, and they were moving slowly, softly to the music of the soft, slow waltz. Myosotis, myosotismystic flower which means everlasting remembrance! Would she ever forget this night? Their last meetingsafest possible meeting-place here in the shine of the lampsin the sight of the multitude. Here she could so easily hold him at a distance. Here she might speak to him lightly, as if she too were unconscious of the past. Here she was safe against his madness and her own weak unstable heart, which fluttered at his smallest word.Well, shes been like a mother to me, at any rate. I couldnt have been better nursed if Id been at home at the[33] Manor; and I must have given her a fearful amount of trouble. I was off my head for some time. Andand, Miss Howard, speaking of that, II wanted to ask you something.


      His dark face was slightly flushed, and his eyes, as they rested on Esmeraldas, seemed to glow as she had never seen any other mans."Tabitha gets fidgety if I am out after dusk."


      It was an innocent thrust, but it went home."Are you not too tired for walking here after your long day, Allegra?" Isola asked, when they had gone up and down the path two or three times.