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      Oh! When I came to England I was in love with her still. I own it; Im proud of it! Every man ought to fall in love with Esmeralda. But when I found that she was to be your wife, I crushed it out. Do you think Im a cur, Trafford? What have I ever done that you should think I would play the scoundreland to you, of all men in the world? Trafford looked at him, and began to breathe hard. I crushed it out. And then I went down to Belfayre; andand there was Lilias; andyes, Lilias crept into the vacant place in my heart, and taught me not to think of Esmeralda, excepting as a sister and the wife of my best friend. And she is the best sister, the sweetest and truest, that a man ever had! She soon found out that I loved Lilias, and set about helping me. He paused for want of breath. Traffords hand gripped the edge of the table. That night, in the conservatory, we were[337] talking of Lilias, and Esmeralda was promising to plead for me. I was full of gratitudecarried away, if you likeand I kissed her, as you saw. She took the kiss merely for Liliass sake.As he uttered the word three, Esmeralda rode down through the bush. She pulled up almost within reach of the combatants, sat for an instant as if turned to stone, then flung herself from her horse and upon Traffords breast.

      I must tell you all about our scheme for making a watering-place of the bay, my dear, he said. It had come to my dear, instead of Miss Chetwynde, already. I will come into the drawing-room for a little while, and you must tell me about that queer place, Five StarsThree Stars. How amusing it must have been! You must have enjoyed your visit there immensely. He had quite failed to grasp the fact that she had been brought up in a diggers camp.She did not speak for a moment or two, then she whispered:

      "Ah, but sometime' the doubt--it is the hope!"Jes let me lay him fust, Varley, pleaded Taffy, with almost touching meekness. There aint no one going to say a word agin our Esmeralda while Im able to stand up for her!

      Presently, back in the dusk of her own room, an audible breathing betrayed her return, and Constance endeavoured to slip out, but Anna clung: "You sha'n't go! You sha'--" Yet the fugitive easily got away.

      The driver peered into the darkness and swore, voices from the top of the coach called out inquiringly and excitedly, then a deep silence followed.

      Trafford knelt down, and with her head still upon his breast, unfastened her blouse.




      Esmeralda! he exclaimed, scarce above his breath. Do you mean that you offer me